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The machine adopts shrink film to wrap the package automatically, and then heat the package material to  shrink and wrap the product, so as to protect the product from moisture, pollution and external shock.
1. Adopt PLC program controller to realize the integration of machine, electricity and gas
2. Photoelectric switch automatic detection products in place
3. V-plate type sealing knife with special design is adopted, the sealing line is firm, noSplit, the outer surface of the knife body is coated with high temperature resistant teflon.There is no peculiar smell in the sealing. The servo cutter can control the sealing more accurately
4 limit switch film feed, greatly reduce the loss of the film.
5. The synchronous belt drive of film feeding device is more stable, accurate and noiseless
6. Otto nix digital display temperature controller imported from Korea, temperatureAccurate, can directly see the sealing cutting and shrinkage temperature.
7. Motor is used to control the transmission speed before and after
8. Super large air volume cooling air flow, the product rapidly cools and contracts after thermal expansion.
9. The machine adopts 304 stainless steel heating tube for heating, and the constant temperature circulating air duct system makes the shrinkage chamber temperature more even, so that the shrinkage products can achieve the best effect.
10. Solid wire-drawing steel rod is outfitted with imported silica gel tube. Chain rod conveying is durable, and different conveying structures can be adopted according to different products.
11. Packaging method: fully enclosed packaging (paint color and rack material are optional)
Technical parameters
NameHeat shrink packing machineHeat tunnel
Sealing typeL-type
Sealing principlePermanent heat seal, Removable heat seal, Temperature control PLC operation
Packing speed20-35 bags/min
Air pressure鈮?.5mpa
Packing sizeW+H鈮?00mm
Film typePOF film
Film width530mm
Working height780-850mm
Width of product鈮?50mm
Machine materialCarbon Steel / Stainless Steel
China Heat Shrink Packing Machine

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